Adhesions are internal bands of scar tissue that form between organs, most often in the pelvic area. They are caused by infection, inflammation, endometriosis, or as areas heal from surgery. They are the most inevitable outcome of surgery, and sometimes severe. Adhesions may connect organs and tissues that are not normally attached. When this happens, it causes disturbances in function, chronic pelvic or abdominal pain, infertility, bowel obstruction and other complications.

Even if adhesions are cut, in an attempt to separate the attached organs they will inevitably form again. Unfortunately patients face a life of pain and suffering punctuated by temporary periods of respite that lysis (cutting) of the adhesions sometimes allows.

Our mission is to support and further research treatment of Adhesion Related Disorders (ARD) that stem from prior surgical operations. To plan, formulate and implement programs, projects and activities in cooperation with governmental agencies, and other organizations with respect to the treatment of ARD. 
To raise and disburse funds to support the research and treatment of ARD and assist those afflicted with ARD in obtaining treatment information. The World Adhesion Foundation disseminates information, scientific reports and statistical data to increase public awareness and known edge of ARD. 


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